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October 17 -2014 - Issue #266


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Not a lot of interesting news this week so won't waste another moment of time to get reading below.


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This is a special edition from AudioCodes to help you gain insights for their solutions and thought leadership.   

Click on the image for the AudioCodes Company Blog. 


Using the SBC Configuration Wizard:

An Interview with Michael Williams  Click here


Voice is Coming to LTE Click here  


Are IP Phones Doomed? Click here  




If you have any comments, please send them to cross@gocross.com 



Skype Gets Faster with Qik and Exorcized by Jon Stewart   


In an already overly crowded UC space comes Qik from Microsoft.  However, they have a huge advantage just like when Facebook bought WhatsApp - huge user base.  Now no app is a guaranteed success and again does the world need another photo sharing app probably not.  Here is what Microsoft says, "Imagine if you could reinvent the Skype experience, taking into account how messaging, selfies and app culture have changed the way we communicate.  https://origin.ih.constantcontact.com/fs179/1102578441475/img/2920.jpgA small team of Skype designers and developers recently took up the challenge to build a new app to run alongside Skype and provide an ongoing form of video chat. They knew they had to create something mobile and lightweight, as spontaneous as messaging but as intimate as calling. And it had to be fun and easy to use. What they created was Skype Qik, and we're so excited to share it with you today.  Each video lasts exactly 2 weeks. And if you send a message by mistake, or don't like the video, don't panic! You can erase any video you've sent from the chat, whether it's been watched it or not. If you don't want to receive messages from someone, you have the ability to block contacts on Android and Windows Phone. https://origin.ih.constantcontact.com/fs179/1102578441475/img/2921.jpgThis feature will be available on iPhone in the coming months."  Guess they are trying to pretend Apple doesn't exist or potentially finding that Apple won't approve it either.   

There is a one feature worth noting but not unique - more like a Snapchat knockoff is Qik Flik. They're like GIFs you record yourself - little 5 second videos you can send with just a tap. We start you out with a couple, but you can record and store your own Qik Fliks so you're ready to respond to anything. This feature is available on Android and iPhone and is coming to Windows Phone in the coming months.  And, while this sounds to contradict availability on iPhone; they should have listed what features are available today and those who knows when.  Click on either image for Skype website. 


Meanwhile Jon Steward and the Daily Show were given a rare treat of giving a product endorsement for Skype.  I doubt that anyone would call it that but it nice to think that there is no such as bad PR and having your product seen by anyone with millions of fans and globally by the Catholic Church can't be all that bad. Click on image for The Daily Show episode.  




Bottom-line -
  Qik is an add-on to Skype trying to keep Skype relevant not caring what Twitter-Vine, Facebook-Whatsapp, Snapchat, Viber and so many others are doing.  Regarding Jon Stewart, it is too funny and shows that whenever you think of how or what people will do with you product they will figure out something you could have never imagined or even help the unholy aka unfans/unfollowers.



Customer Rewards Programs Via Mobile UC Gamification 


In the spirit of full disclose this is an app I am working on based on a customer request.  This app is designed for enhance, build incentives (gamification) and maintain/support the rewards program for iOS (iPhone/iPad/iWatch), Android, Windows and PC/MAC platforms.   The client found our expertise based on our apps and wanted to enhance their own rewards program with some UC features.  This app is not finished but we can customize the features for your own uses.



   Customized Scoreboards based on industry, sport or event.

Add customer to user chat and/or user to user chat.

Add "push notifications" to engage, remind and alert users.

Indepth administrative features (not shown here) customized to integrate with POS-point of sales systems, database and other IT systems as well as standalone.

We can also design and build other app for other business and consumer uses. Inquire for examples.




Stop Interruptions "Office Drivebys"    


Just when you think the world is too complicated comes this really simple and elegantly easy to use product called Busylight.  As the business world moves to more open office concepts and headsets - many users complain about interruptions. While no one is trying to be rude, the reality is that you just don't know when someone is on a call or heads-down on a project. Busylight provides that visual indicator displaying user's Lync Presence to let others know their availability. The result is better collaboration in the office offering companies true business value in productivity gains. Busylight works with Lync and other SIP platforms.  In addition, unlike so many products they have real customers, really happy ones too.


Here are some customer references:

- "We have around 1,000 Busylights installed and expect the overall deployment to be 3,000.  Our users really like the Busylight.  The sound and visual indicator compliments the headset and it has helped secure headset usage at over 95%." John Clayton, Principal Officer (IT), Kirklees Council

- "A great device for someone who misses Lync calls and doesn't like being interrupted when in a call." Tom Arbuthnot (Microsoft MVP)

"15 per cent of employees cite distractions by colleagues as a drain on productivity. Busylight is a solution for that." Microsoft Lync team

https://origin.ih.constantcontact.com/fs179/1102578441475/img/2886.jpgHere are some of the key benefits:

- Reduces costly, unwanted interruptions by co-workers

- Creates awareness and acceptance of 'presence'

- Gives employees control over their availability

- Saves walking to busy colleagues in the office

Bottom-line - Here's a product with a real bottom-line benefit and click on any image for their incredible free trial offers and even an SDK for developers to be even more creative.



T-Mobile CEO Mobilizes via Twitter to Compete


Courtesy -  GeekWire

 (click on image for complete article) -

 How T-Mobile CEO John Legere uses Twitter to stay ahead of rivals  "The truth is, I learn almost everything I need to know to run T-Mobile in there," he told an audience at the GeekWire Summit earlier this week. "On the email from individual customers or on Twitter. I take every Tweet that comes in and I read it. I forward it to people.


My executive team gets them, we reply, and at my staff meeting every Tuesday, we track social media impressions, what they are and how we've responded to them. It takes a ton of time; it's a lot of fun. You got to be real, and you got to be out there. But I am having a ball with it." 



One Last Look WebRTC "As Is" Reality Check     


While WebRTC continues to ramp up the hype around browser communications in a mobile app driven world, I like to think that any technology has a place if users want it.  However, dare I say it marketing may not be enough as users flock to SnapChat, WhatsApp and others but distain from more traditional practical apps on PCs. 


This graphic says it all with more platforms and APIs than deadly viruses all like to claim they will cure your development problems "as if" that is the Holy Grail but more like the "golden fleece."   However, Temasys did put forth a great reality check on the issues.  This is what they said:

- Feature parity across user platforms not fully developed
- Standard natively supported in Firefox and Chrome, soon Opera
- Data channel & Peer-to-Peer often blocked by network operators
- Reference implementation is not scalable
- Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD)
     - Two competing video codec standards
     - Intellectual property and licensing issues
- Mobile devices require native web apps (excl. Chrome on Android)
- Lack of innovation and creativity around use cases
     - Many "replacements" or "extensions" to older technology
     - Everyone wants to reinvent Skype
- Limited developer frameworks, APIs, and platforms that really deliver the promise
of WebRTC
- So far, no "Amazon Web Services of WebRTC

Temasys announced this to help bridge the gap and fill in the major reality check that Apple and Microsoft are not onboard with WebRTC. 

Temasys WebRTC plugin for Internet Explorer, Safari now available for licensing by services providers and developers - click on either image for their website.   

Yet the opportunity and probable need still exists for key applications as they point out like:
- Enable faster and better applications
- Multiplayer gaming
- File & document sharing and collaboration
- Screen sharing
- Financial transactions
- Near-HD video with low bandwidth
- Content delivery
Clearly there are great opportunities by the telcoms and others to gain in this marketspace like this:


Bottom-line - IMHO a few things need to occur.  Simplified development and delivery and user-driven, not telco-driven user demand.  Temasys may have the key as they have a real grasp of reality.



One Last Look Serious Security Techno-babble - Get Your Geek On      

In building TECHtionary one has to drill-down to places where few, if any have gone.  I take a serious look at technology to understand it and to help others do the same.  Sonus announced new virtualized network elements based editions of its policy and diameter solutions:

- PSX SWe: Its virtualized Sonus PSX Centralized Policy and Routing switch allows operators and businesses to prioritize session traffic and set policy for who gets access to what information

- DSC SWe: The software edition of the Sonus Diameter Signaling Controller (DSC) is a controller built on the diameter protocol that offers a strong value proposition to service providers seeking to deliver new multimedia services through mobile, Cloud-based, real-time communications.

I wanted to know more but still waiting to hear back from Sonus but found some clues in one of their white papers.  Here is why having virtualized elements is important to an increasingly complex network.  Moreover, as enterprises see the network as a corporate responsibility albeit for just a few understanding all the elements are critical.  Also virtualizing an element does not mean improved performance nor security, it really just simply separates hardware and software TCO which may nor may not be ultimately a benefit. The following is just one of the many very technical solutions presented.

Problem: During the design phase of an LTE/EPC network, service providers might decide to interconnect other networks at the individual network element level, using the topology shown in figure below. When using this interconnection scheme, both the visited and home networks' topology are totally open to each other, including node types, addresses, etc. In this open type of interconnection, if a malicious hacker is able to compromise a trusted node within the network, access can be gained to most other network components and then further attacks mounted based on the information gained. Click on either graphic for complete white paper.


Solution: The deployment of the Sonus Diameter Signaling Controller as a Diameter Edge Agent as recommended by GSMA (PRD IR.88 - "LTE Roaming figure below LTE/EPC Network Figure below Sonus DSC/Diameter Edge Agent Guidelines 3.0") provides a single point of interface to all interconnected networks, whether directly connected or connected through a "Hub Provider." This single point of contact for all interconnected networks enables "Topology Hiding," thus increasing the security of the network by protecting the nodes/addresses from being exported to foreign networks.



Benefits: The benefits realized from a network topology containing the Sonus DSC deployed as a Diameter Edge Agent include:

* Better Network Security

* More Efficient Inter-Network Routing

Bottom-line - Sonus is gaining ground in building an interesting architecture for VoLTE including migrating SS7 into this schema.

P.S. Though they had a glossary, they did not explain all the acronyms.



Twitter Social Wars - Cock Fights and Road Kills ?    

https://origin.ih.constantcontact.com/fs179/1102578441475/img/2888.jpgTwitter and social media guerilla wars are on the rise and who has the most followers wins and wins big.  Getting real and "meaningful followers" is a never-ending challenge and Twitter makes it easy for your competitors to see who follows you.  Competitors can also subvert and sabotage all your "thought leadership" efforts as well.  Having both a defense and an offense is critical to surviving these social wars. You must build your own strategy and here are 10 brief examples of what I think you should be doing.

https://origin.ih.constantcontact.com/fs179/1102578441475/img/2894.jpg1 - Reward - like Amy Vanderbilt and Emily Post would remind us - always send "thank you" Twitter posts when someone retweets you and even when they fav a post. They took the time to share or let you know they favored what you said. Even better is to retweet (RT) someone who had retweeted you - returning a favor is always appreciated.

2 - Rescue - there are times that you need to rescue a friend in search of a job, customer or cause. Helping save the day is a good way to give back that you can do this easily and it takes little time to do it. Someday you may also need a lifeline and it's good to have friends when you do.

3 - Remind - remind yourself often what is your cause or challenge you face in your posts.  I find that often amateurs just RT other people's content (OPC) and not their own. It is like the adage if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all. This applies to just posting blather and while the source may appreciate what you do, your followers generally do not as they see it as you being a sales pitch for other peoples' content and products. Spend the time writing your own blog post and commentary on the topics you follow and even write on that you don't care about keeps you on the forefront of followers minds. This positions you as being a real thought leader and not just a shill for someone else.

https://origin.ih.constantcontact.com/fs179/1102578441475/img/2891.png4 - Retain - keeping your thoughts fresh is always a challenge but nothing in this world stays the same for more than a nanosecond, so you have a great chance to look at the world everyday and bring a new idea or fresh approach to an old idea. This helps you retain your followers and with hundreds of thousands of new users a day, you have the opportunity to gain new friends but also retain the ones you already have.

5 - Regain - there are a wide range of tools that tell you who has unfollowed you. Not surprising there are a lot of people who follow you and when you follow them and then they unfollow you so they can gain more followers based on Twitter's new follower restrictions. Equally so you should unfollow them as these fakers are not worth following either. However, it is a good idea to take the time to go find new followers to see other "birds of a feather" who you find interesting and that you can learn from.

6 - Re-hash - Here's a few thoughts on hashtags. I generally like them and use them as much as possible. From my own experience and despite what survey's show, people don't ask themselves "oh, he/she uses too many hashtags so I won't RT his/her posts." People are smarter than that, as least, you hope so and you will find long-lasting value in being in those lists referenced by the hashtag. Seriously I have seen posts that are two years old in some hashtag lists.  In addition, my survey shows people will spend more time on hashtag lists than flipping through their own timeline. If you have the nerve and clout you can create your own hashtag.  In addition, incorporate "trending" hashtags in your posts if you have relevant content.  Also, certainly track trending hashtags which like topics such as "notonemore" #RelationshipGoals, and "issi" as some find them as a great way to market their own products such as guns and warfare.

7 - Reuse - People are beginning to realize that they can reuse or redo the same post again and again. Seriously why not use the same or a slight redo/reworked of an old post "until the cows come home" as if your content is relevant today it may also be years' from now. With that in mind, develop your own that has lasting value as it can last for centuries like Shakespeare, Lincoln and others.

8 - Roadblocks- Personally think there should be more "rants and raves" on Twitter and other forms of social media. Of course, there is a lot of it, however, the type of dialog often doesn't lend itself to good debate rather "he really knew that video long before he said he did" or just headline news or that so and so is on the "wrong side of the issue." This really isn't debate is it more like "you don't agree with me so you are foolish." I call this activity - roadblocks because the person who sets up the first roadblock sets the stage for the pattern of communication going forward. In other words, if you start a topic or debate, you shouldn't always be only on one side of it, you should be open to all points of view and maybe even change your viewpoint.  More to the point about how roadblocks can be used in business is you set the stage for communications by creating compelling content early and often.  This tends to keep competitors responding to you and you can use this to your advantage.

https://origin.ih.constantcontact.com/fs179/1102578441475/img/2890.jpg9 - Ramparts - Ramparts were built throughout the ages to protect castles from enemies and are still a good idea for today.  Intellectual property (IP) is for some and increasingly for others the only thing their business does or has value in.  Twitter, FB and the rest don't really add a lot of value other than offering a platform for users to add their own content and others to use or not to their own value.  Twitter posts by themselves have no real value other than "chirping" or "cawing" in the wind.  What has value is you creating an idea for a customer to use or add to their own value system.  Creating ramparts of IP builds and protects your ideas and content from competitive inroads or worse replacing your IP with theirs. In a free idea exchange system there are no real ramparts other than your ability to create unique content and aggressively use it against your competitors. In other words, you don't sit in the stands or on the bench, you play on the field and you play offense - always.

https://origin.ih.constantcontact.com/fs179/1102578441475/img/2889.jpg10 - Raiders - Corporate raiders like pirates have existed for a long time and will be there forever. It is in our human nature to beat the competition whether sports or business. Social media is no different. Twitter by default lets you see who is following your competitor and you can follow any of them back. Moreover, you can quite easily see all the posts from your competitor and build your own competitive content based on their writings, webinars, white papers, etc. In addition, you can see all their hashtags and use them to your advantage. Within a few hours you can build an offensive raid against them and even get your posts with hashtags ahead of theirs. Moreover, you can do this without them even knowing about it.


Summary - Long ago, we found that you cannot react to changing market conditions nor predict them.   You can only do two things. First, you must direct your customers to your strategy. In other words, websites are incredibly passive tools that frankly are so often poorly constructed that users are often more confused than before.   https://origin.ih.constantcontact.com/fs179/1102578441475/img/2822.jpgThis is not just a remark. In building the Twitter Tech Scoreboard (right), I visited more than 1,500 websites even though only 1,350 are listed.  I found all but two or three were a complete waste of time and effort.  Why you ask. Simply put, websites are built by technicians not by marketing communications experts and these technicians are more interested in their navigation system than actually communicating. In other words, websites do very little to direct your strategy and in many cases are more of use to competitors than customers and should be considered part of your defensive strategy. Second, strategically, the faster you can communicate, the faster you can change, and those corporations that change the fastest will be the most successful. Social media especially Twitter allows you to do that quite easily and effectively and is an active not a passive communications tool and is part of your offensive strategy. Business if you have seen is not pretty but it is the way the world works.  This means your competitors are not friends as they want you out of business and all your customers. The key point is to act now realize you are in a social "cock fight" and act often otherwise you will end up as "road kill."   



What Users Really Want - Survey says ....      



Click on the chart or Amir's image for the complete story.

This is from a blog post from Amir Zmora of AudioCodes. I always appreciate submissions where the discussion is beyond "my box is better than your box."  Seriously onsite (premise) or online (cloud/hosted) will never be resolved with some many business needs and security concerns.  However, here is what he suggests.  "The answers received in the survey fall nicely within the general point of this diagram - there is still a large market of SMBs out there that haven't yet made the shift to VoIP.


As explained before in my post All You Need is Cloud, the on-premise SBC would help mitigating this challenge by providing resiliency, optimized call routing, call cost optimization and QoE.  No buyers were interested in an on-premise IP-PBX, while a vast majority wanted a hosted solution


This is a clear trend we see across all businesses of different sizes and for different services - shift to SW solutions and cloud services. Having said that, concerns raised in the previous point must be addressed. 77% of SMBs are looking for services in the browser. Another interesting point that was not part of the "key Findings" presented at the top of the survey but did draw my attention is the requirement for Web based solutions.


There is much more from the survey findings - click on the chart or Amir's image for the complete story.


Bottom-line - Like with any public policy the issue of onsite or online will remain like Mounds and Almond Joy sometimes you feel like a nut and sometimes you don't. https://origin.ih.constantcontact.com/fs179/1102578441475/img/2885.jpgHowever, all users want some form of UC "candy bar" and they are increasingly keen on a "browser" in their UC experience.  I would also argue that there having "an app for that" is more aligned with any BYOD experience.



One Last Look Serious Lync Apps    


One of the many criticisms of Lync is the lack of full list of PBX features.  I am still waiting for a hospitality (hotel/model) suite.  However, Bressner is pitching their solution as the "the only software suite with full range of a pure client solution, a pure server solution or a powerful combined client / server solution. 

- Includes a variety of productivity features in combination with Lync and/or Lync phones from a single source

- Central administration of Busy on Busy, Call Forwarding, Simulring, Presence status, Delegates

and Team Members through a GUI application or PowerShell

- FonComfort Professional offers customization of the Additional Functions and productivity-enhancing features

such as fast transfer, call pickup and hot keys

- QuickLink console for managers/admins and teams with enhanced call display and to change settings for others

- QuickLink's 1-click action principle is supported on many of the functions

- Optional server modules for many other functions, such as

- FonComfort PBX Presence to synchronize the PBX phone status via CTI

- Dynamic Routing and Announcement modules enable many new call flows."


Bottom-line - Bressner is getting close to a "one-stop" Lync app solution.  Let's hope that can provide the same "full range" of customer/channel delivery to back up this cool tech.



One Last Look Infonetics released its latest market stats on SBCs.  AudioCodes and Sonus rise and Oracle dives but you decide for yourself what it means.





New Video Platform Allow Customers to Buy, Rent, Stream Videos onDemand and Producers to Have a Platform for Video Publishing


click on any image for more  


Key Customer Use Options 

- Rent - Let customers rent access to stream your videos on any supported device.

- Sell - Customers can purchase and own videos, providing them with instant streaming and Downloads.

- Subscription Service - Offer complete or partial access to your video collection for a set recurring monthly fee. (Coming soon...)


Producers - Create your own channel

Your brand, your videos, your customers. Create a branded members area where your customers become your community.

- Fully Responsive - Content will always look good on any screen size and any device.

- Customizable - Add your logo, your images, and your colors

- Personalized Emails - Inform your customers of video releases, news, and special deals.



Powerful Analytics

The platform is a game changer. We track user behaviors to show you who's watching what, when, and how much. We provide powerful reporting in our Analytics engine. Most importantly we can show you where people exit your videos so you know what to fix to drive more sales.







Secure Payments direct to your account

- For You

- No merchant account required

- eCommerce built-in

- Payments go direct to your bank

 - Get up and running in minutes

For Your customers

- Accept credit cards instantly

- Videos are available instantly upon purchase

 - Streaming or secure downloads

Click here or any image for more 



Lync Apps and Twitter Accounts


Here is a start at compiling a list of all the Lync app providers and their Twitter accounts. If you are keen on Lync please follow them and @techtionary to get into the social media game.  If you are not listed nor have additional Twitter accounts please email us.     


Note: Some companies also provide Professional Services and applications may support other PBX systems


Gains/losses are for month of September 2014 from 9-1 to 10-2. 




Twitter Name



CA Technologies
























Modality Systems




























Enabling Technologies

@EnablingTech Co



















ACS Lync
























CTI Group
















Ferrari Electronic
















































Bridge Communication




























Dolphin Norway








































Calero Software








CVT (Australia)





Don't be shy if you have any comments or want to do your own OPED, please send them to cross@gocross.com 



Why A TECH Twitter Scoreboard 


https://origin.ih.constantcontact.com/fs179/1102578441475/img/2866.jpgWith ~135,00+ new users a day signing up for Twitter and 271 million monthly active users with 500 million Twitter posts are sent per day and 78% of Twitter active users are on mobile, Twitter is "the" means for nearly all aspects of your business including human resources. If you are still not convinced of the importance of Twitter for your business click one image for article on Top-10 reasons for using Twitter for your business.  


If you still doubt the power of Twitter here are some recent news headlines regarding Twitter and social media.  


- An IBM sales study indicates that 75% of B2B buyers are likely to use social media as part of their purchasing decision.


- Via Linkedin - "By 2015 50% of buyer-seller-support interaction will happen through social media by 2020 it will be 85%." 


- Via @NPR radio "AC Nielsen reports that 87% of Twitter users surveyed make #buying decisions based on #Twitter posts and followers.


In today's business world, you are measured by many factors including the number of Twitter followers you have.  In fact many surveys have found that websites in general are perceived as passive customer communication tools with Twitter being a far more proactive customer-engaging tool.  These surveys have also found an increasing number of customers go to your Twitter account before they go to your website doing "due diligence" on you looking for call-to-actions, thought leadership and content useful in their purchasing as well as customer complaints regarding your solution.  Your client may not have a Twitter business account but they may have a personal account and their advisors may as well.


https://origin.ih.constantcontact.com/fs179/1102578441475/img/2822.jpgTECH Twitter Scoreboard
Here comes a new tool. The Tech Scoreboard is designed to give you a benchmark of your Twitter performance as you can't force people to Follow you and according to an increasing number of sources - customers visit your Twitter before they go to your website.  Gaining "meaningful followers" is a voluntary one, it is a good measure of "good will" you have in the marketplace you serve.


Categories for Companies & CEOs Listed

Master Agencies/VARs | Distributors | Dealers | Professional & Managed Services | Outsourcing | Telephone Companies | Internet Service Providers | Carriers | Transit | Peering | Wholesale | Co-Location | Cable | Broadband | Data Centers | Cloud | Hosting | PBX/IP/SBC, Cloud/Hosted Communications | VoIP/SIP Trunking | Cloud APIs Apps | Saas-Paas | Contact Center Solutions | SDN-Software Defined Networks & NFV-Network Functions Virtualization - Bandwidth Management | Phones and Special Devices | Security | Specialty | Management | Billing | Call Accounting | Microsoft Lync Apps | WebRTC | OSS | TEM | Payment Processing | Chat-Pic Apps | Collaboration | MDM-Mobile Device Management


Bottom-line - Twitter is a must-have for customer service and the fastest, best way to post promotions, press, products, specials, buzz, events, reports, support issues and more.




 Today, Lyncosphere - "Lync Visualized" is released.

Click on image for Lyncosphere (uses Flash)


After a lot of beta testing and feedback this new microsite that is designed for indepth explanations and explorations of Lync by providers of Lync solutions and applications. 

Here are some view comments: 


"Lyncosphere is an innovative way to help sales, channel and end users "see" how Lync works. This really helps me engage with customers faster and get solutions understood by all the decision-makers."

                              - Matt Jolly - Senior Support Engineer Vology.com


"Lyncosphere visualizes how Lync works and helps you understand which 3rd party Lync solutions are available to provide additional functionality to your Lync environment." 

                              - Rui Maximo - CEO Lync-Solutions.com


"This is a very good - well done indeed, it would be of great use to both channel partners and end users evaluating Lync."

     - Douglas GreenPublisher, TelecomReseller/Usernews Publications - The World's Leading News Source for Unified Communications, Collaboration and Cloud  www.telecomreseller.com 



#NotOneMore - IM Voice - Broadcast Alerts - Personal Alarms - Group Chat




As the need to protect staff, students, customers, visitors and others increases, there is a corresponding need for mobile apps to add some level of notification and emergency communication.  iPeerSafe is a personal and peer safety and social networking alert and chatting app allowing users to add text, images and audio recordings for iPhone, iPad or iTouch.


Key features:

- Personal Panic Alarm with posting text, images, color-coding priorities and audio recordings to Facebook, Twitter, email and emergency calling


- Broadcast Alert with text, images, audio recordings and color-coded highlights to all users in same school


- Class Assignment feature for class work projects and collaboration as well as teacher-student chatting


- School/college peer, group, parent and global chatting


https://origin.ih.constantcontact.com/fs179/1102578441475/img/2696.png - Journal-Diary - private and shareable notepads on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and Email as well as doodlepad graphics tool


- Weather from local area


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Bottom-line - I have completed  a brief exploration of findings in research in more than 30 citations regarding both real and online safety dealing with other persons of potentially harmful and deadly threats including bullying and cyberbullying.   







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https://origin.ih.constantcontact.com/fs179/1102578441475/img/2477.jpgSecurity Issue - Restricting Remote Access to Only Corporate-Issued Computers



Corporate security policies require employees to use only corporate-issued computers to connect to the corporate network. Personal devices aren't permitted to connect to internal resources. How can I enforce security policies for users connecting to Lync Server from a sanctioned computer?



By configuring the Security Edge Filter and Security Web Filter to block NTLM authentication requests as well as restricting authentication requests from only authorized Active Directory domains, the Security Filters prevent users from connecting to Lync Server from a non-corporate issued computer at the network perimeter.



Lync Server when published to the Internet are susceptible to many types of attacks. Without a solution such as the Security Edge Filter and Security Web Filter, user accounts can easily be locked out in Active Directory Domain Services, passwords can be brute-forced, internal Lync Server resources can be consumed unnecessarily by DDoS attacks, Lync meeting attendees can be hacked by cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks, and many more attacks (SOAP, XML, etc) as shown in the following figure.  



With the Security Edge Filter and Security Web Filters, attacks can be blocked at the network perimeter as illustrated in the following diagram.





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Click on image for details.  TECHtionary is proud to announce the availability of two SIP certification testing and online, online and webinar training programs.  The CSP-Certified SIP Professional certification is designed to review and test general and some technical knowledge with 50 questions.  The Senior Certified SIP Technical Professional (SCSTP)  examination is designed to test advanced technical skills in SIP. The exam consists of 70 multiple choice and true-false questions.  Both tests are designed to help in planning, design, implementation, network assessment as well as security, diagnostics and troubleshooting. 


Some though certainly not all of the topics on the Senior Certified SIP Technical Professional examination include: CODEC, DSP, Clipping, dipping, Queuing Delay, Network Propagation, Serialization, Buffer Delay, Fragmentation, Interleaving, Voice Payload, HSRP, Adaptive Jitter Buffer, Oversubscription, Voice Activity Detector, White Noise, Comfort Noise, Noise Detectors, MOS, E-model, Nyquist-Shannon, Framing, PCM, ADPCM, DSP, CODEC sampling, Transcoding, Tandem encoding, Echo, Echo Loss, Short Tail, Hybrid, SNR, CNR, RFI, Crosstalk, Shared Neutrals, RTCP-XR, SRTP, MD5, CMP, POE, 802.1P, ALG, MSRP, IMS, WebRTC-Apps, SALT, SAML, Voice XML, RPC, BICC, ISUP, IP Multimedia Subsystems and other topics. 




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